Our Amor Artis Family

Travis Tolson- Owner & Head Brewer

Travis Tolson graduated from Fort Mill High School in 2004. Shortly after, he moved to Florida where he managed health clubs and met the woman that made his dream of owning a brewery possible. He met his beautiful bride, Khara, in Naples, FL. She enlisted in the United States Coast Guard, which took Travis to upstate New York, where his brewing first started. Some of her shipmates were home brewers and asked if Travis wanted to learn, naturally he said yes. Travis quickly fell in love with craft beer and his journey began.

After home brewing in New York Khara and Travis were stationed in Yorktown, VA, and then finally in Kodiak, AK where Ben Milstein gave Travis a job at Kodiak Island Brewing Company. That was it, Travis was completely hooked. When he saw how rewarding it was to make a small batch of beer and share it with the community he realized his calling in life. While in Kodiak, Travis was a cellarman under one of his best friends and mentor, Naga Reshi of Dry River Brewing. Naga changed his life forever, without him Travis may not have continued in the craft beer industry. After the birth of his first son, Carter, Travis and Khara wanted to get closer to family. Landing a job at Wicked Weed in Asheville, NC, Travis quickly moved up the ranks from shift brewing to head brewer of their downtown location. Upon moving to Asheville, Travis, Steve, and Khara started to develop a game plan to open their brewery somewhere in the Carolina’s. While visiting their parents it was brought to their attention that a building on Main Street was for lease. Once walking through they knew the location was perfect. Travis hopes that when you walk into Amor Artis Brewing you will experience that small town feel while enjoying a diverse variety of hand crafted beers.


Khara Tolson- Owner & Community Relations

Khara was born in Syracuse, NY and moved to Naples, FL when she was ten years old. She attended and graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University. At the ripe age of 24 she met Travis Tolson and joined the United States Coast Guard. Khara served her country and encouraged her husband’s passion for brewing beer. Hey, who wouldn’t love fresh and tasty beer available anytime at home?! Being Stationed in Kodiak, AK really made her realize how much a hometown brewery can enrich the lives of the community and the people who work there. A true family was born, no matter how far they are, or how much time passes, they are there for each other. After moving to Asheville, NC Travis expressed his interest in opening a brewery, naturally Khara was behind him 100%. What could possibly go wrong?! Upon finding 204 Main Street, The Tolson’s knew this was it. Even though Fort Mill is experiencing incredible growth, they knew they could bring that small town vibe to Main Street. Khara and Travis purchased a home .2 mile away from the future Amor Artis Brewing, and set to work. Travis may be from Fort Mill, but now Khara and his two children, Carter and Stevie, will put down roots and call it home forever.


Jesse Hooper- Assistant Brewer

"I’m Jesse Hooper, Rock Hill has been home for me for most of my 27 years. I’m the middle child of two amazing parents, who raised us on great food and love. Baseball taught me most of the important lessons about life. Go BoSox!
My love for flavor didn’t stop with food. Beer quickly became a passion. I went to work in the brewing industry, and I’ll never look back.
I have the most wonderful fiancee, who embraces all my crazy dreams, and a house full of brewing equipment, I’m beyond lucky. We enjoy traveling, hiking and anything out doors during our free time!"


 Alexandra Sheeler- Marketing Manager

Alex is Orlando born and raised. She attended The University of Central Florida, graduated and moved to Fort Mill in 2016. Alex spends most of her free time watching movies, wrestling things out of her dog Ziggy’s mouth, or constantly trying to get into yoga (this time it's gonna stick!) She is most excited to learn more about beer and work with a crew who's passionate about crafting and serving the best!

Kevin Sanfilippo- Business Development & Retail Engagement

"Hi, my name is Kevin Sanfilippo! I'm a family man and craft beer enthusiast! After a career in the aviation industry I realized that sitting behind a desk all day wasn't what I wanted to do with my life. I am excited to be joining an industry that I am passionate about; Independent, Local Craft Beer! I've played in bands most of my life and love connecting with other musicians. I love hiking, floating down a river, and anything involving the great outdoors. My most recent interest is photography. More specifically, "Beertography"... What can I say, I love beer! I've specialized in sales, marketing, and customer relations. I love meeting and connecting with people and often finding myself becoming fast friends with complete strangers. See you in the Amor Artis tap room soon!”