Amor Artis Brewing Shares its Love for the Craft

From Queen City Brewers Festival:

"Before brothers Travis and Steve Tolson opened Amor Artis Brewing 9 months ago, they envisioned their respective roles being a lot different than what they are today.

“I mashed in the first three batches of beer and since then I’ve been in the brew house maybe a handful of times,” said co-founder and owner Steve whose background in Chemistry and Biology hasn’t contributed as much as his business skills have helped make the young brewery hum.

“Since we started brewing the beginning of this year, we’ve launched over 50 different beers. There’s a handful of flagships, but the real fun of walking into a neighborhood brewery is scanning the chalkboard and seeing what’s new on tap,” said head brewer, co-founder and owner Travis who has been churning out beers pretty much nonstop on their 7bbl system."

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